Great inspirations

I pinched this post from Design Sponge because I could not believe the Before & After shots of this office-turned-amazing nursery.

What I like about this room is that it’s a) a modern style – not your typical cookie-cutter nursery, b) the colors are fun and unique, and c) what makes this room so amazing is not what was purchased, but the ideas injected by the couple. For example, the DIY shelves, the paint on the walls and furniture, and the complementing (but not matchy) fabric patterns.

I love getting inspiration from blogs like Design Sponge. Our baby’s room is odd dimensions and very DIY (we’ll be using a curtain door as well - um and it wasn't there a few months ago so we DIY'd literally EVERYTHING); however there’s a fine line between creative and hodge-podge. This room is great motivation to get those creative juices flowing. Not long now before we see our final product!


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