Week 33 check-in

My doctor appointments have increased in frequency, so every other week I’m visiting either my doctor or nurse for a check-in on the baby. Soon I’ll be going every week!

From today’s visit I learned:
- It is Braxton Hicks that I’ve been feeling – harmless and more typical at night.
- Baby F is breeched, meaning she’s right-side up, which is upside-down in baby terms.

Nat was asking questions about what exactly we’re feeling when she kicks and moves and a giant bump appears just to the left of my belly button. She felt around to see if it was a head, bum, or knee, and suspected she might be breech... She brought in an ultrasound which confirmed that she is completely breeched. Head at the top, bum and feet at the bottom... already causing trouble.

If the baby doesn’t put herself in the right position in the next few weeks, I’ll be looking at two options: (a) the doctor will manually try to push the baby into the right position by moving my stomach around, or (b) I’ll have a scheduled c-section a week before the due date. Our doctor mentioned that even if we try to move her, getting her into the right position will be difficult because there isn’t much room at this point and since this is my first, my stomach muscles aren’t able to loosen enough to allow for more movement. The good news is that being breeched causes no harm to the baby, which is the most important thing. However; it sounds like chances are I’ll have a c-section, but in the meantime there are some things I can do to help the baby move into position.

What the doctor suggested was acupuncture and exercises. The print out of exercises included 3 parts: positioning my body in a certain way, “visualizing” the baby moving into position, and saying the following to my cervix to coax her into the right position (yes, it came with a script to read aloud to my cervix):

As I lie here in a tilt, I take long breaths and relax my body. Your head presses toward my chest. The pressure on your head makes you wiggle. COME ON BABY, COME AROUND. Move your head, move your body to TAKE THE PRESSURE OFF. Turn around... tuck your chin and come toward my cervix. MY CERVIX AND VAGINA ARE YOUR OPENING TO THE WORLD. Come close, so you will be all ready to come out when the time is right... and I’ll be ready to welcome you. Turn around... turn around. I’m relaxing my body to give you more room to turn around… to get ready to be born.

Raise your hand if you think this means I’m SOL.


Amanda said…
if this works, your unborn is the most obedient child in the world. upon baby f's birth enroll it in a really prestigious arts school or something. maybe you can will it to be rich and talented to!!
amy said…
Nikki said…
Oh yes, that is the ACTUAL script.
I have no doubt baby F will listen, she has great genes, on both sides LOL!!!!!!
Uncle Frank The Builder said…
More likely this is an exercise to get your mind off the fact a C section is in your future. However
if baby f does listen I agree with Amanda.
CH said…
Dude I say things like that all the time... not weird.
MacTaggart said…
OMGGG this is unreal. I have never heard of this "script". hilarious.

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