Signs of being ready

Lately, I've been catching myself thinking and speaking in what I have identified as being some kind of mom vernacular. It's an odd phenomenon resulting in weird phrases and mixed up words which become more frequent as I get more pregnant. Let me give you an example.

I used to take the train to work every day and spew sarcastic and rude (and totally deserved) comments at the etiquette-less T riders. I've been driving since I have been pregnant, but took the train to work recently not having the car... and where I would usually make some kind of sarcastic comment aloud, I found myself scowling in silence and calling them things like "ratfink" or "RUDY" (as in YOU'RE RUDE) in my head. But seriously, WHAT IS A RATFINK. I don't even know where I got this word. Apparently while transferring files to Baby F, I have downloaded a new and nerdy expletive-free language for Moms.

I still maintain my trucker mouth though, or else how would you recognize me?

Next stop on this runaway mom train? See for yourself.

Mom, if you're reading - I think you should sue for some kind of royalties. This was clearly crafted after you. However, they said "Keith Ragu" instead of "Canoe Weebs" for Keanu Reeves.


Suzanne said…
Watch out for mom-nesia as well!
Nikki said…
Nikki said…
TOENAIL????? Is that what a ratfink is? Or is "TOENAIL" supposed to mean something to me.

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