25 Random Things

Another meme from Facebook - this one I filled out a few weeks ago and thought I'd share. Filler post, yes. It's called 25 Random Things and I had a good laugh reading everyone else's!

1. My middle name is Susan, but I'm changing it to Mukai when I finally get around to changing my last name to Ferrante. (Done!)

2. Susan is my mom's name, and before her, it was only in my family from my crazy southern great grandfather in Tennessee, who had 9 pet chihuahua's and couldn't think of 9 names - so named them all collectively "Susan".

3. If A = B and if B = C, then I am named after a group of 9 chihuahuas.

4. I'm pregnant! But no child of mine will ever bear the name Susan.

5. By heritage, I am half Japanese. The other half is English/Irish and a tad Scottish.

6. One time in high school, I got 40 people detention at once.

7. In elementary school, I had this Christmas sweatshirt of the tazmanian devil holding a sign that said "Bah Humbug". It was my favorite holiday sweater. My little sister recently told me she was embarassed to be seen with me when I wore it, because she thought Bah Humbug meant F* You.

8. I played rugby at BU.

9. I'm a whore for readers to my blog, http://nikkiandnat.blogspot.com. (You know this!)

10. I was the kid who told all the other kids that Santa isn't real. Sorry Julie Fanning.

11. I have at least one hairbrained entreprenurial business idea per month that I (and only me) believe I can successfully pull off.

12. In high school I was eating some fudgy chocolate cookies in the cafeteria, and got so messy I had to go home "dirty" and change my clothes.

13. Ciao Bella Blackberry Cabernet sorbet knocks my socks off.

14. I'm a typical oldest child, and typical Capricorn.

15. I was in a Zicam commercial a couple years ago. Yes I got paid, no I do not get residuals.

16. There is more fame in my future. (Hopefully "notorious" is not a better word.)

17. I haaaaate cold weather. I am a child of the sun.

18. Strangers often tell me a) I look like Marissa Tomei, or b) I look mean.

19. I am a restaurant rat. I love eating out around town.

20. I found a must-have limited edition marc by marc jacobs bag, but there were only a few made and were sold very quickly. The Boston store told me they just shipped the last one in creation to the SoHo location, which they'd hold there for 24 hours for the orderer before anyone else could buy it. I was on my way to NYC and went to the store and pretended I was the girl to have the bag shipped. I paid, left with it, and never looked back. I win.

21. I am, on occasion, psychic. Sarah and Caroline can attest to that.

22. I'd love to move to Brooklyn.

23. I used to sing the national anthem at all the basketball games in high school.

24. I do some pretty stellar impressions, but not for everyone. Especially now that I'm not drinking for 40 weeks.

25. Some of my best memories ever are the always adventurous vacations with Nat.


Amy Cowan said…
I forgot to ask this on Facebook - is the 40 people/detention thing when you ran in and said it was snowing and people ran out? And you were excited because you were from Seattle and hadn't seen snow in awhile? Or am I making this up. If not, I was so in that class.
k. mukai said…
Did you have to bring up #7? BAH HUMBUG TO YOU, NIKKI. BAH. HUMBUG.
n-mukai said…
Hahah yes! I'm pretty sure I was in the math class where Stephanie and I would make origami... then I left for the "bathroom" and went to your drama class to let you all know it was snowing, and for some reason that got everyone up and out of their seats and outside. Then for "detention" didn't Mr. Burns (was that his name?) change it to watching drama rehearsals?
n-mukai said…
KRISTEN #7 is the best one on the list. I should do a 25 Random Things about my sister, Kristen...


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