Side effects of pregnancy may include…

Psychedelic baby dreams every single night.

Monday morning I woke up remembering this one:
I was walking through a gigantic buffet breakfast line with a fresh clean white plate. First stop, French toast. The lady put a big pile of French toast on my plate and shook some blueberry powder over it (Nice invention Baby F!) and then poured a ton of maple syrup on top. I watched it ooze all over the plate in awe. Then, sausages. There were three different kinds, and I spent an exorbitant amount of time deciding which to choose. I had to choose carefully because my plate was smaller than my appetite and I had no room to waste. The next station had a little sign that said “Hawaiian Kisses”. I asked what they were. Turns out, they’re mini fried banana sandwiches. (Kudos on that one too, Baby F.) I piled my plate with Hawaiian Kisses and went to go sit at the faux-wood cafeteria style table.

Needless to say that morning I NEEDED a syrupy breakfast, so I made some blueberry waffles and finished all of our maple syrup. I'm considering making Hawaiian Kisses for breakfast this weekend. I'll let you know.

Tuesday morning, this is what I woke up with:
I go to the doctor for a sonogram, and they tell me that I’m not only 6-months pregnant with twin girls, but also 3 months pregnant with twin boys, and possibly newly pregnant again. I’m wondering, how on EARTH? But hell – you gotta do what you gotta do on this runaway train. DAMN THAT HUSBAND FOR THRICE IMPREGNATING ME.

No surprise I dreamed that the night following the season finale of Jon & Kate + 8. Last night’s dream has already escaped me, but it was definitely something to do with the little lady currently tap dancing on my spleen. Just like last week, where I dreamed I had to go to jail for something I didn’t do, but accepted it – then had my baby in jail and was upgraded to a nicer jail cell. Don’t read into that one.


aimee.s.s. said…
Haha -- you are crazy Nik :) But, you totally have me craving french toast (yum, the stuffed kind!?) and Hawaiian kisses. If you come up with a good way to make them, let me know. I think Baby F is turning out to be quite the chef...keep em coming :)
k. mukai said…
hahahaha HAWAIIAN KISSES. I laughed out loud. I lol'ed. I'm going to make some hawaiian kisses when i get home

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