The elusive upright camel

Here is a bumpdate for my 25th week, which I entered today. I read somewhere that she's going to be gaining 6 oz. per week from now on. That frightens me.


Amy Cowan said…
are you kidding me??

you are THE cutest pregnant lady i have ever seen.


*dies from adorable*
mic said…

i feel like you're still really tiny. i should stand sideways and take a picture of my non-pregnant stomach after a full meal. i bet mine's bigger.
n-mukai said…
you should see the "shirt lifted up" version of this pic. Even a tight shirt hides the bump, but seeing the real deal... oh man.
Stacy said…
Too cute. Imbrace the weigh, it's the only time in your life you will have an excuse to eat icecream every night for dinner.
n-mukai said…
Dinner? You meant breakfast right?
Leigh said…
Congrats and enjoy every moment!!! awww

And you are adorable :)

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