When Snuggies and Smittens and Babies collide.

I admit it. I love infomercials for wacky products like the Snuggie or Smittens. However, I don't actually know anyone who would consider ORDERING NOW! for 3 easy payments of $9.99. (Because of course, this price won’t last all day.) Then again, I don't know anyone with a spiral-cord landline phone and curlers in her hair, watching the tube with a bowl of chips waiting for her next indulgence either.

I’m not 100% sure the actual products exist outside of the television... Have you ever seen any of this stuff in PERSON? I think it’s more likely that these infomercials are actually a secret government operation used to compartmentalize the American population into different buckets of CRAZY.

Snuggie order? Mark John Doe as “cult follower”.

ShamWow? Danny Tanner/serial killer.

Smittens? Stalker.

Netipot? Um... reclusive aqua-masochist.

Well, HERE'S ANOTHER STELLAR PRODUCT for the woman in your life who really misses being pregnant, and is totally bat shit crazy.

I'll be registering for one in pink.


dmbthree said…
Good lord -- that is absurd! I guess it is sort of like throwing a blanket around a Bjorn, but still!
n-mukai said…
For the woman who says, "I didn't conceive via intercouse, I had my baby through asexual budding!"

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