Traveling with kids.

I know it’s only going to get more difficult once she’s not conveniently packed in the ultimate carry-on; however wedging Baby F and her vessel into a tiny chair for a cross-country flight isn’t easy. Especially because this weekend began the insane sciatica that has me hobbling on one foot, unable to put any pressure on the right side of my body. I have learned that people are incredibly nice to you when you appear to be both pregnant and disabled.

So far Baby F and I are getting through the early hours and constricting travel like troopers though; this will be her fourth and my sixteenth (and last) Forum before I enter the third-trimester, or no fly zone. We’re going to make the best of our time in San Diego and visit family once the event is finished. I'm so excited to see those little Bauer buggers. Also, to combat my sciatica, I got a pre-natal massage yesterday which was MARVELOUS. It didn’t help the back pain as I hoped, but still very relaxing. Then dinner at Melting Pot... Mmmm San Diego is treating Baby F good.

Up early to get to work on this St. Patty’s Day... Here’s what I’ll be working on while I’m here:

The Infrastructure Consolidation Imperative

Forrester’s Infrastructure & Operations Forum 2009


Amy Cowan said…
holy shiz, i have sciatica on my right back/leg and the pain is mind blowing. i can't imagine adding in the baby bump trickiness to it - god bless your heart!

and enjoy sd!

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