I am. Yes, after hooting about how my prenatal vitamins were keeping me safe from harm in a germstorm, I am S-I-C-K.

The last two days were semi-OK, as in I made it through work without dripping nasal fluids in front of people whose respect I’m trying to maintain in meetings. Yesterday, my company had “virtual cellar” where we turn our cafĂ© into a bar in the afternoon, so I snuck out and came home and took a much needed nap... after the 12 hours of sleep I had the night before. Today, less good...

I woke up and vomited Exorcist-style about an hour ago and still taste the bile in my nose. Blaaawwww. There is so much pressure in my face that I’m considering doing my own style of acupuncture with whatever sharp objects I can find in the house. (Goodmorning Nat, Hellraiser says hello.) My appetite is waning. Hopefully Baby F is enjoying the liquid diet of Strawberry-Orange-Banana juice and maternity tea.

I have two golf balls lodged behind my uvula that I can't scratch or swallow, and my nose burns with every breath. My eyes weigh 10 pounds each and feel like steaming meatballs in their sockets.

How else can I complain. Ahh yes, I’M PREGNANT AND CAN’T TAKE ANY DRUGS.

We planned on going to New York this weekend for our niece Sydney’s first birthday, but now we’re staying here and I’m afraid she’ll never forgive us. Extra nice bday present coming your way, OK Syd? Just know that while people are blowing birthday horns, I’ll be making that same noise from both my nostrils for you.

Going to go try to pierce the bridge of my nose now – ttyl.


amy said…
Ah poor Nik!! that sounds like a somehow have like a sinus infection + strep + a stomach bug. Overachiever!

The only thing that helped me with my sinus infection - aside from, ahem, drugs - was taking really hot steamy showers and then blowing all the grossness out during and after.

Sending healthy vibes your way!
n-mukai said…
THANKKK YOUUU. Steamy showers do help. As does food.


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