Etsy Baby Love

I am so in love with Etsy. They have so many adorable baby items, I can’t get enough. It’s killing me to wait until her room is finished before I buy her anything new. Check out some of the goodies that are currently making us melt.

Heart Full of Love Baby Burp Cloths
Even spit-up would look cute on these.

Elena Organic Baby Shoes
They’re organic and SO adorable.

Red Poppy Baby Headband
Made of vintage red satin – just the right amount of girly.

White Ruffle Dress by SewnNatural
This might have to be purchased now and stashed away until she grows into it. Does it come in adult size?

I Heart U ABC Poster
Y? Because I ♥ U.

I think I just lost my Saturday to Etsy...


MacTaggart said…
i loveeeee the poster!!!!!!! and everything else.
amy said…
Etsy is a black hole! I've gotten sucked in for whole days at a time.

Love all that stuff for baby, but seriously -- do headband and dress come in adult sizes??
CH said…
ahhhhhhhhhhh the shoes are SOOOO CUTE!!!! Omg I love all that stuff. I know it's the end of the quarter and I'm supposed to be working hard but just call me "Etsy" for the next few hours....
k. mukai said…
Jennifer said…
Just found your blog - so glad you like our white ruffle dress!! Yay!

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