I’m not going to talk about my commercial right now, I PROMISE.

A sizeable portion of my coworkers are sick; it has been going around the team for weeks. Nat has been pretty sick over the last few days, too... ergo I’m surrounded. However, I haven’t been feeling it... These prenatal vitamins are really doing the trick. I have to say I’m impressed. No side effects, no nasal swab, no syrup, and come to think of it I can’t even remember the last time I was sick (if you don’t count four months of vomiting). That reminds me. I’m going to take a vitamin now....

I hope I didn’t just jinx myself, but the thought of sniffling and sneezing without being able to pop pills or at least stick a Zicam up my nose is just AWFUL. Can you imagine the lengthy paragraph after paragraph of whining?

Although a part of me wants to douse him with Lysol and ward him off with a string of garlic around my neck, every time I hear Nat sniffle, it breaks my heart a little. I think the care taker mom-hormones are kicking in. He’s being a trooper though and didn’t complain when we all went away skiing for the weekend in New Hampshire, AND went in to work today despite the Nor’easter. You know he must be a strong and tolerant man to put up with me.

And see? I didn’t even mention my commercial once, nor did I mention that I resent being replaced by a rhinoceros.


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