6 months

This week I’m 24 weeks pregnant, AKA 6 months, AKA my feet are growing, but not to worry because I can’t see them over my gigantic belly. My new size has put me into a new bracket of clothing – almost every day I’m wearing head to toe maternity clothes that may or may not match. And since my shoes also don’t fit, I walk around in the morning feeling around with my toes until I find something that my giant feet can squeeze into before I head out for work. I may be wearing Nat’s shoes, I may be wearing two suitcases, I just don’t know. Nor do I care. Keeping up with this rapid growth has become exhausting – come to think of it, getting in and out of a chair has become exhausting – so I’ve resolved to be comfortable as the frumpapotamus I am.

Baby Ferrante can hear us, so we’re reading to her on a semi-regular basis. We started with children’s books but figured we’d start a nice novel collection for her now, so we picked up a hardcover copy of The Great Gatsby which is now her bedtime story. I like to take the lead on reading though, because when Nat talks to her it’s either “THIS IS YOUR FATHER SPEAKING” or “Hey in there, It’s Nat...” or he yells as if being in the womb is like being in an apartment across town. She’ll be so surprised to see that the guy who refers to himself as Nat is her dad, and wonder where Darth Vader and that guy hard of hearing have gone.


mic said…
i am requesting an updated bump pic pleaseeeee.
k. mukai said…
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k. mukai said…
Gatsby! Great choice for the little one. And are your feet really growing? Because I think we already talked about how terrified we are of that and how if either of us ever has more than one kid we're going to have to start shopping in specialty shoe stores.
n-mukai said…
No lie, they grow. Cruel, cruel world.

I will never forgive the Shaw genes for passing on the long feet, but not the long legs.

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