PC load letter?

Uggg so yea today was a nightmare. I started the day at my desk all fresh after 4 days out of the office (Friday off, then the weekend, then worked from home comfortably from my couch on Monday) and was literally telling someone how refreshing that was and how I’m geared up and ready for a productive day in the office, when my phone rings...

It was the dark evil storm cloud that hasn’t been keeping in touch lately calling to let me know he was back and ready to make up for lost time.

I’m not going to get into it, but basically it was one of those work days that reminds you of Peter Gibbons sitting in the chair as the hypnotherapist has a heart attack.... In the end all was fine, but to give you an idea of the tone of the day, at one point I was walking down the stairs with a large carafe of hot coffee and a large carafe of hot water, got my heel stuck in my ridiculous maternity hammer-pants, tripped and caught myself. It was at that point where I narrowly escaped crushing my baby and scalding my whole body that my mood really went sour.

However, nothing that a pint of ice cream, retail therapy, and a red Swingline stapler can’t fix.


Amy Cowan said…
oh my god NIGHTMARE.

WHY are you hauling water and coffee around? WHERE are your oompa loompa man servants?

I'll order you some right now.
n-mukai said…
Yeaaa I had some clients show up (surprise!) with no event yesterday, so I spent the day lining up meetings and was bringing them coffee at one point... Not ideal.

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