Any of you who are pregnant, or were, know that a little goodness for your body and mind goes a long way. Now that I’ve filled my complaint quota in earlier posts (lucky you!) I’m going to make good on something I said I was going to do a few weeks ago and share with you some products that have made my life that much easier.

Republic of Tea – Get Maternal tea
I don’t know how I can measure if it’s doing what it promises to do, like tone uterine muscles, contribute to strong bones, fight water retention, and fight nausea – but I can tell you it’s delicious. It’s caffeine free of course, and is a nice blend of red tea, raspberry, stinging nettle, ginger, horsetail, parsley, natural mango flavor, and black limon. Horsetail is a lovely herb that has nothing to do with horses or tails, and don’t try to tell me otherwise. What makes this tea extra good is Tom Cahill’s home-harvested honey from his real beehives! It’s the sweetest smoothest honey I’ve ever tasted. There is a huge difference from store-bought honey (even the good stuff) and honey straight from the hive. And Tom, I’m running out... given the nice shout out, can I have more please??? You really should be selling this stuff.

Boppy Total Body Pillow
Now that I’m getting larger and sleep is getting more difficult, Nat brought home this pillow yesterday and night 1 – I could tell a difference. It’s basically a giant seahorse-shaped pillow that you ride into a sea of dreams. My back doesn’t hurt as much this morning and I didn’t wake up every hour or so rolling over, so... success! It just might be a little hard to explain if someone comes over and sees a big curly contraption on your bed.

Cottage cheese
This is an easy one. With all the protein you need while pregs to keep your baby happy and yourself feeling healthy and full, this has been my best snack to start my morning and mid-afternoon when I start to crash. It’s an instant fix. A hard boiled egg is about 6g of protein, while a ½ cup of cottage cheese (tiny amount, I usually eat a cup) is ~13g protein, depending on the brand. And you can get some fruit servings too – I like kiwi, grapes, or strawberries in mine. I always have a big tub at home and a big tub of it in the fridge at work. Some brands taste a little off, but Shaw’s lowfat and Horizon Organic lowfat are like dessert.

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Massage Cream For Stretch Marks
I started using this stuff preemptively in early pregnancy for fear that my skin would start looking like Mapquest. Not only have I not gotten any (ahem, new) stretch marks, but my skin is much nicer and smoother because of it, and has a lovely clean smell. Since I’m not the lady-about-town that I used to be, I’ve been ordering all my cosmetic stuff at which is actually CHEAPER than Sephora, and has free, fast delivery. Can’t beat it.

Happy online-shopping Sunday. Although, maybe get the cottage cheese in person.


Amy Cowan said…
Haven't tried the maternity kind o' course, but I lurrrrve Palmer's cocoa butter. It smells like candy! And skin turns into baby bum, which I guess is apropos.

But gotta say no thaaaanks on the cottage cheese. I've never been able to like it - maybe I need to add fruits? Or candy?

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